The fundamental purpose of Project Autopia is:
2) the progressive decentralization of society at both political and economical levels into a world-wide, fractally nested system of completely autonomous and independent communities called the Universal Selfederation;
1) the research and development of technologies with the potential to make this trasformation possible, and their global spreading and adoption in replacement of the ones that might have the opposite potential instead.
Project Autopia revolves around the concept of Selfederation (short.: Selfed), a completely self-sufficient and self-governed community centered around a production system called "Self Sustainment System", designed in order to grant the community the ability to produce by itself anything it can possibly need, and managed according to a decisional system called "Participatory Preference Process", designed in order to grant the community the ability to govern itself in the way that best matches each one of its members' wills.
At its most decentralized and fundamental form, a Selfed is comprised of 1 single individual with its own S.S.S., while the P.P.P. is simplified to the point of being reduced to the mere individual will; therefore, in more practical terms, the fundamental goal of Project Autopia can be summed up as: to grant every individual and community in the world the means to produce anything he can possibly need entirely by itself.


List of official P.A. ongoing and/or available free and open source products.


List of official conventions and international standards of the Universal Selfederation.