The ultimate goal of Project Autopia is the establishment of the Universal Selfederation.
A "Selfederation" (also shortened as "Selfed") is recursively defined as a completely autonomous individual or confederation of Selfeds; any political entity is called a Selfed when it is completely autonomous (i.e.: self-sufficient and self-governed), and entirely made up of one or more Selfeds.
The "order" of a Selfed is either 0 (when the Selfed consists of 1 single individual) or 1 + the order of the highest-order Selfeds among its members (when the Selfed consists of more than 1 individual); example:
- an autonomous individual is an order-0 Selfed;
- an autonomous confederation of various order-0 Selfeds is an order-1 Selfed (ex.: a community);
- an autonomous confederation of various order-1 (or less) Selfeds is an order-2 Selfed (ex.: a city);
- an autonomous confederation of various order-2 (or less) Selfeds is an order-3 Selfed (ex.: a nation); and so on...

The property of "autonomy" is defined as the ability to determine every aspect of one's own existence entirely by itself; this implies the simultaneous fulfillment of 2 requirements:
- Self-government: the ability to decide about oneself entirely by one's own accord, with no external interference;
- Self-sufficiency: the ability to implement any decision entirely by onself with no external intervention;

In order to fulfill these 2 requirements each Selfed requires the ownership of a specifically designed production system called "Self Sustainment System" and the practice of a specifically designed decisional process called "Participatory Preference Process".

From the aforementioned definitions derives that any political entity is called Selfed only when every individual that comprises it is entirely self-sufficient and self-governed, and that the main condition and purpose for the achievement of Project Autopia's ultimate goal (the Universal Selfederation) is for every single individual in the world to become completely self-sufficient and self-governed.

Simplified scheme of a Selfed.
Each circle delimits a Selfed. Each blue dot is an individual. Each grey dot with arrows is a Self Sustainment System.
Each Self Sustainment System is owned by all individuals falling inside the circle with that S.S.S. as the center.